Feb 28, 2007

WP-Cache Plugin Bugfix for blank page

Must say, WP-cache is very powerful tool~, if you didn't install it, just try~
I found this bug when I installed WP-Cache yesterday. it took me half an hour to find the problem, so I'm going to write down this entry to help you out.

Encoding Issue
After installing and enabling WP-Cache, you can only see a blank page with IE but all your pages can be seen with firefox, then you have a problem, you have to change the encoding manually to figure it out. (if you cannot see any page with IE or firefox, please check this link).

So here comes the solution, very simple...

  • 1. Open up the WP-Cache folde, and you can see a file named "wp-cache-phase2.php".
  • 2. Open it up, and do a search for “$value = "text/html; charset” (about line 231).
  • 3. Once you find it, simply replace the whole line ($value = "text/html; charset=\"" . get_settings('blog_charset') . "\"";)
    with the following line:
$value = "text/html; charset=" . get_settings('blog_charset') . "";

4. Now, save, re-upload, sure, you must overwrite the old file. then empty the cache files.

It happens coz the old file has two extra double quotation marks so that IE cannot recognize the correct encoding.

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