Mar 12, 2009

Change calendar colors for iPhone 2.x OS

I used nuevasync to synchronize my google calendar with my iPhone.
Several months ago, google launched its own sync service, named google sync. well, it’s already got almost all the function of nuevasync, including multi-calendars, two-ways-sync and it is much faster than nuevasync. But i don’t like it because of its stupid color system . You cannot change the color of those calendars unless you pay the money (use MobileMe).

BUT i found a solution finally, specifically for jailbreake iPhone:

I found another way to do this, just playing around like you did. Copy calendar.sqlitedb from the /private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar directory on your iPhone to your computer, and make a backup of it (recommended). Open it with SQLite Dabase Editor ( and go to the second tab, “Browse Data”. Under “Table”, choose “Calendar”. This will give you a list of all of the calendars on your phone. Each row is a different calendar. There are three columns - color_r, color_g, and color_b. Set these to whatever you want for your RGB colors for each calendar. (It is not limited to five colors). Save the file and copy it back to your phone.

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