Jul 18, 2009

Move to Google Chrome

Google has released Google Chrome for quite a long time. I love Google’s products however, I didn’t think about to move to Google Chrome from my firefox because it lacks of the powerful plugins database.

Now it’s the time to change it because I found the new version (2.0) of Google Chrome works quite well---with a little customization:

1) the fastest browser: GC is faster than IE8, Safari 3, FF 3.5. Not only the loading speed, but the running time. Now you can find many articles about this issue and the winner is always--GC

2) incognito mode: No traces will leave.

3) you don’t need to install many plugins to optimize your browers, just some useful customization.

  • Mouse Gesture:
    Mouse Gesture Redox is a famous firefox addon which provide easy function with your mouse.
    I use Strokeit to achieve this function in GC.
  • Gmail Signature:
    Gmail Signature is another good firefox addon I used. Now I use  a web email signature generator as the substitute.
  • User JavaScript and others:
    Please use

    "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --enable-user-scripts --user-data-dir="E:\Temp\Chrome Cache"

    To enable your own JavaScript. Copy the script to folder

    E:\Temp\Chrome Cache\Default\User Scripts
    Please note [--user-data-dir="E:\Temp\Chrome Cache"] will start GC by putting all GC data into  E:\Temp\Chrome Cache.  And it can be any folder you prefer.
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