Oct 13, 2009

Fix for BlackRa1n stuck at the “Running…”

Geohot released BlackRa1n for iPhone 3.1.2. But many ppls report that it did NOT work.

The following is my solution, actually, I tried it for more than 30 times. So, please be patient

My condition:
Running winxp sp3 with iPhone 3G 8g black w/ 3.1.2

I tried more than 30 times and finally see Geohot’s face.

1. reboot computer
2. open the following services:Telnet, Messenger and Terminal Service
3. kill any iTune related programs:iTunes Helper. mdnsresponder, iPodService
4. turn off/hard reset your iPhone and connect to your pc via USB cable
5. run blackRa1n, click "make it rain"
6. hold power and home button of your iPhone, release power until you see Apple logo. Continue holding "Home" and you will see Geohot’s face.

I repeat steps 4-6 for more than 30 times and finally get it done.

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Sep 1, 2009




之前要算100项的级数求和的时候,我都是用它的自动填充的方法,一拖拖出100行来。这个对收敛快的还成,如果是要进行Monte Carlo Simulation就麻烦了。








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Aug 8, 2009

Acid Test

Acid Test 是一系列由 Web 标准组织编写的针对网页浏览器的测试页面(不是软件)。


http://acid3.acidtests.org/ (支持CSS3,用分数来显示浏览器的排版情况)

http://acid2.acidtests.org/ (支持CSS2,用一个笑脸来显示,正常情况上方显示Hello World,当鼠标指向笑脸鼻子的时候鼻子会变成蓝色。)

http://acid1.acidtests.org/ (支持CSS1,最土鳖的检测方式,不好玩)

检测的结果,Google Chrome最彪悍,全都满分。Firefox其次,有些小瑕疵。IE7则惨不忍睹,我真服了微软的研发部门了,因为IE8虽然做这个测试还行,在其他方面兼容性太差……。

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Jul 18, 2009

Move to Google Chrome

Google has released Google Chrome for quite a long time. I love Google’s products however, I didn’t think about to move to Google Chrome from my firefox because it lacks of the powerful plugins database.

Now it’s the time to change it because I found the new version (2.0) of Google Chrome works quite well---with a little customization:

1) the fastest browser: GC is faster than IE8, Safari 3, FF 3.5. Not only the loading speed, but the running time. Now you can find many articles about this issue and the winner is always--GC

2) incognito mode: No traces will leave.

3) you don’t need to install many plugins to optimize your browers, just some useful customization.

  • Mouse Gesture:
    Mouse Gesture Redox is a famous firefox addon which provide easy function with your mouse.
    I use Strokeit to achieve this function in GC.
  • Gmail Signature:
    Gmail Signature is another good firefox addon I used. Now I use  a web email signature generator as the substitute.
  • User JavaScript and others:
    Please use

    "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --enable-user-scripts --user-data-dir="E:\Temp\Chrome Cache"

    To enable your own JavaScript. Copy the script to folder

    E:\Temp\Chrome Cache\Default\User Scripts
    Please note [--user-data-dir="E:\Temp\Chrome Cache"] will start GC by putting all GC data into  E:\Temp\Chrome Cache.  And it can be any folder you prefer.
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Mar 12, 2009

Change calendar colors for iPhone 2.x OS

I used nuevasync to synchronize my google calendar with my iPhone.
Several months ago, google launched its own sync service, named google sync. well, it’s already got almost all the function of nuevasync, including multi-calendars, two-ways-sync and it is much faster than nuevasync. But i don’t like it because of its stupid color system . You cannot change the color of those calendars unless you pay the money (use MobileMe).

BUT i found a solution finally, specifically for jailbreake iPhone:

I found another way to do this, just playing around like you did. Copy calendar.sqlitedb from the /private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar directory on your iPhone to your computer, and make a backup of it (recommended). Open it with SQLite Dabase Editor (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/) and go to the second tab, “Browse Data”. Under “Table”, choose “Calendar”. This will give you a list of all of the calendars on your phone. Each row is a different calendar. There are three columns - color_r, color_g, and color_b. Set these to whatever you want for your RGB colors for each calendar. (It is not limited to five colors). Save the file and copy it back to your phone.

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Dec 3, 2008

Useful MP3 Manager & Repair Tools (Lyrics, Tags, Library)

1. Tags Tools:

  • Tags&Rename: as I said, it is the best application to manager your MP3 tags, see my post for details (more than 3,000 songs for me).
  •  Winamp and iTune: still useful for tag-editing with a few songs

2. Lyrics Tools:

  • iTunesFriend (freeware): Good application for ENGLISH Lyrics downloading with your iTunes Library. (Download Link)
  • MiniLyrics (freeware): Google application for CHINESE and ENGLISH Lyrics downloading. Better use it with winamp intro play plug (Download Page)
  • Winamp Intro Play Plugin: use it with minilyric to get lyrics quickly (Download Page)

3. Repair Tools:

  • MP3 Validator (freeware):  Sometimes, you will find iTune and/or iPhone can not play some MP3 songs. This application can fix them for you. (Download Page)
  • Switch: If your mp3 cannot be fixed with MP3 Validator, you can use this application to rebuild MP3 file.You can also convert other formats into MP3 with it. (Download Link)

4. Convert Tools:

  •  Monkeys Audio & LAME 3.98-final: Rank-AAA Software for conversion. You can generate high quality and relative small size MP3 (VBR MP3) from APE or other formats music. For details,go to my post.
  • Switch: it is not a good software for conversion coz I found it may give the wrong time and bit rate after conversion.
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