Apr 6, 2011



  1. 利用Google的离线地图,方便出差或者周游世界时定位用。
  2. 针对中国区地图的偏移问题也提供了修正的解决方案。

试了好多个,发现还是之前用的Offline Maps最好用,可定制性高且制作方便,唯一不好的地方就是要越狱相关的设备。这儿把相关的资料都整合一下,以便后来者使用。


  1. 越狱你的设备,不管是iPhone 3G,还是iPad,这步是必须的。我一般会去
    http://iphone.tgbus.com/ 上看看相关的新闻或者是在Twitter上Follow
  2. 安装91手机助手后,然后去 http://code.google.com/p/iphoneofflinemap/downloads/list 上下载最新版本的 离线地图切换软件,安装好后发现软件的名字叫做Atlas。
  3. 下载并安装离线地图下载器 http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Global_Map_Download_Tool
  4. 下载并安装iPhone Map Converter,目前的地址。如果这个地址打不开,可以用Google搜索“iPhone Map Converter”
  5. 利用步骤3的软件制作离线地图,这个很傻瓜的,实在不懂请自行请教Google大神。
  6. 利用步骤4的转换器将地图转换成适合自己iPhone/iTouch/iPad的版本,这里注意版本千万不能搞错,不然会无法使用。
  7. 将5和6生成好的地图文件 MapTiles.sqlitedb 以及 com.apple.Maps放在一个目录下。如深圳,我就取名为SZ,然后将此目录Copy到 相关设备的 /var/mobile/Media/Maps 下面。
  8. 在Atlas可以看到相关的目录即可进行切换。


  1. 直接Google“中国地图 校正”即可看到不少相关的信息,我一般看这条。按照说明添加新的Cydia源,然后安装就大功告成了。
  2. 最后安装完成后还要去Settings里面设定一下,启动相关的校正功能即可。

好了,做完上面的步骤,基本上你要去Google Maps能覆盖的区域,就都能提前下载好相关的地图了。这对那些不愿意用联通或者是去别的国家漫游的朋友那是非常的有用。


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Mar 12, 2009

Change calendar colors for iPhone 2.x OS

I used nuevasync to synchronize my google calendar with my iPhone.
Several months ago, google launched its own sync service, named google sync. well, it’s already got almost all the function of nuevasync, including multi-calendars, two-ways-sync and it is much faster than nuevasync. But i don’t like it because of its stupid color system . You cannot change the color of those calendars unless you pay the money (use MobileMe).

BUT i found a solution finally, specifically for jailbreake iPhone:

I found another way to do this, just playing around like you did. Copy calendar.sqlitedb from the /private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar directory on your iPhone to your computer, and make a backup of it (recommended). Open it with SQLite Dabase Editor (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/) and go to the second tab, “Browse Data”. Under “Table”, choose “Calendar”. This will give you a list of all of the calendars on your phone. Each row is a different calendar. There are three columns - color_r, color_g, and color_b. Set these to whatever you want for your RGB colors for each calendar. (It is not limited to five colors). Save the file and copy it back to your phone.

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Dec 3, 2008

MP3 Tag editor - Manager your MP3 with Album Artworks


iTune and iPhone 3G provide a fancy function - Showcasing your album artwork when you listen to your music. But it is quite tedious to add the artwork by yourself.
iTune with Artwork
Tag & Rename is a music files tag editor -- easily handles all popular digital audio formats, as it said on its website.
It supports a lot of formats. With it, you can edit your mp3 tags, including artist, title, album name, etc. And you can load the album artworks from amazon.com.


Step by Step guild:

1. Download the software from Tag & Rename.
2. Install it and open the folder contains your music, select mp3
3. Press "F4" to batch rename your mp3 or Press "Shift+F4" to get the correct tags from your mp3's name.
4. Press "F11" to synchronize your mp3 tag between ID3v2 and ID3v1 ( you may switch the tags view between ID3v2 and ID3v1with "Alt+1" and "Alt +2").
5. Press "F10" to get Tags info from amazon.com including Cover Artworks.
6. Please be noted that  Tag & Rename is not a freeware. You have to do sth if you want to use it after one month...

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