Dec 3, 2008

Useful MP3 Manager & Repair Tools (Lyrics, Tags, Library)

1. Tags Tools:

  • Tags&Rename: as I said, it is the best application to manager your MP3 tags, see my post for details (more than 3,000 songs for me).
  •  Winamp and iTune: still useful for tag-editing with a few songs

2. Lyrics Tools:

  • iTunesFriend (freeware): Good application for ENGLISH Lyrics downloading with your iTunes Library. (Download Link)
  • MiniLyrics (freeware): Google application for CHINESE and ENGLISH Lyrics downloading. Better use it with winamp intro play plug (Download Page)
  • Winamp Intro Play Plugin: use it with minilyric to get lyrics quickly (Download Page)

3. Repair Tools:

  • MP3 Validator (freeware):  Sometimes, you will find iTune and/or iPhone can not play some MP3 songs. This application can fix them for you. (Download Page)
  • Switch: If your mp3 cannot be fixed with MP3 Validator, you can use this application to rebuild MP3 file.You can also convert other formats into MP3 with it. (Download Link)

4. Convert Tools:

  •  Monkeys Audio & LAME 3.98-final: Rank-AAA Software for conversion. You can generate high quality and relative small size MP3 (VBR MP3) from APE or other formats music. For details,go to my post.
  • Switch: it is not a good software for conversion coz I found it may give the wrong time and bit rate after conversion.
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    MP3 Tag editor - Manager your MP3 with Album Artworks


    iTune and iPhone 3G provide a fancy function - Showcasing your album artwork when you listen to your music. But it is quite tedious to add the artwork by yourself.
    iTune with Artwork
    Tag & Rename is a music files tag editor -- easily handles all popular digital audio formats, as it said on its website.
    It supports a lot of formats. With it, you can edit your mp3 tags, including artist, title, album name, etc. And you can load the album artworks from


    Step by Step guild:

    1. Download the software from Tag & Rename.
    2. Install it and open the folder contains your music, select mp3
    3. Press "F4" to batch rename your mp3 or Press "Shift+F4" to get the correct tags from your mp3's name.
    4. Press "F11" to synchronize your mp3 tag between ID3v2 and ID3v1 ( you may switch the tags view between ID3v2 and ID3v1with "Alt+1" and "Alt +2").
    5. Press "F10" to get Tags info from including Cover Artworks.
    6. Please be noted that  Tag & Rename is not a freeware. You have to do sth if you want to use it after one month...

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